Arable and industrial crops

The OpenFields library holds resources about crops for fuel, food, feed and fibre. This is often termed agronomy, the science and technology of arable and industrial crops.

  • Cereal crops varieties, cultivation, diseases and post-harvest management
  • Industrial crops crops for energy, fibre and other industrial uses
  • Oilseeds cultivation, canopy management, harvest methods, diseases and post-harvest management
  • Peas and beans field production, varieties, diseases, harvest methods and post-harvest management
  • Potatoes - varieties, diseases and post-harvest management
  • Sugar beet fodder crop, sugar production, diseases and post-harvest management
  • Pest and disease control herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, organic methods
  • Organic crop management rotation, fertility building, beneficial predators
  • Nutrition and fertiliser inorganic and organic fertilisers, fertility building

OpenFields brings together authoritative agronomy information from universities, colleges and the industry.

Please note that from early 2017, content from OpenFields will be migrated to its successor website, Farming and Food Futures

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