Scope of the online library

The OpenFields content has now been migrated to its successor website, Food and Farming Futures


Resources about horses kept for both agricultural and other 'business but non-agricultural' purposes - eg in livery stables.

  • Equine health & care - covering most topics from breeding to health issues and general welfare management – for every animal from performance and competition horses to donkeys.
    • Materials relevant to hands-on horse owners, trainers, riders, breeders, veterinarians, veterinary techicians, and yard managers who want to know more about the health and care of their horses, irrespective of the breed or discipline in which they participate.
  • Equine ancillary services - topics ranging from stables management to farriery and equine equipment.
    • The popularity of equine sporting, business and hobbyist activities has led to a strong industry of supporting services encompassing sadlers and saddlery, farriers and farriery, horsebox suppliers, equestrian centres, and riding instructors.
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About this National Initiative

The OpenFields Library is a free online library containing items of interest to practitioners and researchers in the agricultural and landbased industries. It is now a component part of Food and Farming Futures.